Bones Garage // Great Rift Valley (Official Audio)

First single from the second album ‘Oi Ma Yeah’, 2017
Music and Lyrics by Eden Atad.
Recording, Mixing and mastering by: Raz Copperman and Eden Atad at Bleu Studios.

Art by: Omri Batkilin.

Vocals: Ariel Pedatzur
Bass: Yoni Deutsch
Guitar: Yaniv Bin
Drums and backing vocals: Dor Harari
Guitar and backing vocals: Eden Atad
Keyboards and backing vocals: Raz Copperman


Straddling by the Great Rift Valley
A foot on each side’s moist, bloody ground

A land that full of crazy noises
Minority with loud voice by god
What they made of god

I want to give my son what I had
For him to eat wood sorrels
By my parents yard
I just want a son

And I’m glad i stroked your hip
That night
Your lips
And Dor is in Gaza Strip
Oh my
I can’t sleep

Struggles by the Great Rift Valley
By gaping land that drew all my friends
Those who are left

Each morning is a piece of art
And our role is nearly, nearly done
So let’s have fun

And if the bomb will fall I’ll hold you
And no more fear will hunt us
And we’ll end as one
They can’t tear as apart.

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