Crowdfunding Charles’ 10to4 Mountain Bike Challenge Dream

HELP MAKE CHARLES’ 10to4 Mountain Bike Challenge DREAM

A few months ago, we came across a young boy from Naro Moru Primary School who participates in the Mount Kenya Trust woodlot program. We interviewed a number of the students and Charles definitely stood out when he spoke about his passion for conservation of nature. The more we got to know Charles, the more fascinated we became with his understanding for nature. We found out that he’s very active in taking care of the seedlings at school, we found out that he influenced his father to begin a small vegetable patch at home, we found out that he takes care of that vegetable patch and teaches his brother to do the same. He believes that every child loves to climb trees and if there are no trees, what will kids do. We found this incredible wealth of knowledge about nature in this 13 year old boy. We believe he can be a pioneer for the young ranger club which we intend to start soon. It is so heartening to know that there are many young ones out there who are passionate about conservation and it is them who will be able to make a change amongst their peers.

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