Great Rift Valley To Split After Mt. Of Olives?/Israel Overdue For ‘Big One’/Dead Sea Sinkholes🤔

I believe more than the Mount of Olives will split apart when Jesus touches it with his feet! There are earthquakes & signs of earthquakes (such as sinkholes) at the Dead Sea going on for a while.
Activities such as earth rifts & splits have been happening in Africa along the Great Rift Valley showing dynamics which could aid my scenario. When Jesus sets foot on the Mount of Olives, I speculate the force will travel through the great rift valley fault, Saudi Arabian tectonic plates, into African’s Great Rift Valley! Seismic activity along the Great Rift Valley is happening, as we speak, to prepare for the fulfilment of Bible prophecy (regarding Jesus touching the Mount of Olives)! I believe these events will occur in the next few years, NOT fifty.

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