Kwasmolo Day Care Centre | Hluhluwe Community Education Project

Help is needed to provide early childhood education and day care for children from a Zulu tribal community in South Africa

Our Story

My name is Palesa Zulu. My husband Lucas Zulu and I have three children, and we are the founders of Kwasmolo Daycare Center in Hluhluwe, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. We are a registered Non Profit Organization (NPO) in South Africa where our daycare has been providing service for our community since 2005. I am a certified daycare/preschool educator.

We have been supporting our community by providing assistance for parents who need care for their children so they can seek, obtain, and retain employment. We are helping these children learn social and living skills as well as basic educational skills while providing a safe, healthy, and caring environment.

Our center is currently providing education and care for over 80 children who are between the ages of 3 months and 5 years old. We are the only facility of this kind in our area, and we are serving a very poor rural tribal community of 16,000. Because the parents, most of whom are either employed in low paying jobs or are unemployed, are able to pay very little for child care or preschool education, we have been providing this service for our community with the help of a few local volunteer workers.

Because our community is one of the poorest in all of KwaZulu Natal and our unemployment rate is among the highest in our country, keeping our center open has been a continuous struggle. However, we are committed to caring for these children, so we are trying to raise awareness of the situation and obtain some funding that is badly needed to give them a head start. We believe that children are our future and that raising them in a kind and supportive environment while giving them basic skills so they can benefit from a formal education is the best way to uplift our community.

Until recently we have had little in the way of materials with which to work, but recently, we received assistance from some international volunteers who, with the help of local community members upgraded our building and provided new equipment, books, toys, and educational materials. They also provided a job search workshop for the adults in our community. Their efforts gave us new start and gave our community hope for a better future. We now wish to take advantage of these resources and build on this new beginning.

My husband and I feel privileged that we have been able to look after these children and to help uplift the community. The work done here has come from our hearts.

But we do need some help if the Kwasmolo center is to be able to continue our community service. To keep our center open and to achieve a sustainable service with a nursery, a day care, and quality preschool education for our children, we need to be able to employ paid qualified teachers as well as day care assistants. And we would like to be able to continue supporting the adult members and parents of this community in their efforts to obtain and retain employment.

If you wish to help us in our endeavors, your donations will be much appreciated. We will be working closely with our tribal community and its leaders and local community members to create a sustainable center that will prepare our children for a better, brighter future and uplift our community.

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