Sindano la moto – OCHESTRE LES MANGALEPA | A music documentary

There was a band that took the Kenyan music scene by storm in the mid seventies. They were the talk of the town. A band with so much energy and good vibes that they immediately got people to their feet. This band influenced a generation of artists but slowly faded with time with only the in-depth music followers remembering their name and era of dominance.

The band is called Les Mangelepa. Three of their founders, now in their seventies, have been keeping it going over the years with younger members adding a different dynamic flair to their music.

The band still produce great music and are on a comeback tour with the ever energetic three founding members and are looking to travel the world with their new album. We had the privilege to follow them on their first tour to Lamu in Kenya where they made sure we all danced into the night.

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