Zanzibar Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Zanzibar in Tanzania.
Zanzibar is a paradise-like island just off the Tanzanian coast. An island of spice and exotic aromas, sultans’ palaces, harems, shining white beaches and fiery red sunsets.

The ancient oriental city of Zanzibar derived its name from its many old stone buildings. Charming and mysterious, they have witnessed much of the island’s dramatic past and the tangled architecture of coral stone and shell lime serves as a fascinating backdrop to this colorful city that is strongly influenced by an Arabian way of life.

In the north of the old town is one of the island’s most beautiful buildings, the Ismali Dispensarium. It was built by a wealthy Indian businessman and was originally a hospital with an adjoining pharmacy. Today it contains a cultural centre.

The house of the infamous Tippu Tip, who was once Zanzibar’s biggest slave trader, has not yet been restored. He was an extremely unpleasant man who sent his servants into the African bush to catch slaves who were later sold in Zanzibar. Livingstone House was built in 1861. The famous missionary and explorer once resided there prior to going on his final expedition. He was frequently the guest of Tippu Tip who offered Dr. Livingstone various maps that were based upon his slave routes.

A tropical paradise just off the African coast with the flair of the Orient, historic architecture and the colors of Africa. Zanzibar is most assuredly a legendary and fairy-tale island of global culture.

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