Kefale Alemu on Visiting Wolaita (ወላይታ) and the Great Rift Valley in Ethiopia

This video presents Wolaita (ወላይታ) and the Great Rift Valley in the SNNR of Ethiopia. Wolaita is one the most densely populated areas in the Southern Nations and Nationalities Region. According the area people the Name Wolayta derived from Wolaita language ” Wolahita” which means “ድብልቅ” (in Amharic) and mixed (in English).

The area people recognize and categorize themselves in different clans Such as Wolayta Mala, Amara, Ezia, Kawo etc. The people mainly speak Wolata & Amharic. In 1991 when I carried out research work with the “Farmers Research Project” in the area the major crops according to their importance were: Enset, Maize and Sweet Potato. According to my recent discussion with the area people, my observation, and as you see this video it seems that Maize and Banana are dominating in most of the farmers’ backyards and replacing Sweet Potato and Enset plants.

The area people reported that Sweet Potato Butterfly pest infestation which was the main problem of Sweet Potato Crop production in 1990s is no more important agricultural constraint today. The causes of the decline of Sweet Potato pest needs a piece of additional research work. However, the causes of the decline of the pest can be the effect of my research Work with the Farmers’ Research Project (FRP) from 1991 to 1998 and the subsequent recommendations to the area farmers to plant Desmodim around Sweet Potato and other farmlands as a biological pest control Method by myself (Kefale Alemu). The other reason can be the decline of Sweet Potato farmlands or Combined by all of the Above.

In this Video you will also see:

* The Eye Catching Damota Mountain
* The Rift Valley between Sidama and Wolaita
* River Bilate which flows to Lake Abaya
* Soddo Town which is the biggest in Wolaita
* My meeting with my friends and refreshments in Soddo
* Homesteads with Enset, Bananas, Maize, Sweet potato and other vegetables in Wolaita
* Town of Bodit (Wolaita)
* Town of Humbo (Wolaita)
* town of Bedessa (Wolaita)
* Town of Shone (in Hadiya)
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