momondo — Putting climate transparency into air travel

Most travelers want to travel more sustainably, but it takes some help to figure out a flight’s CO₂ emissions. Rainer Bruns from climate partner atmosfair gives a quick intro to the new Least CO₂ sorter tool.

Putting more transparency into the environmental impact of air travel requires some complicated calculations on flight CO₂ emissions.

That’s why we developed the Least CO₂ sorter in close collaboration with German non-profit atmosfair, one of the world’s leading climate consulting organizations.

We talked with Rainer Bruns, Head of Business Development and Communications at atmosfair, about how the sorter works and the factors that make its carbon calculations so accurate.

Learn more about our new sustainable travel initiative:


We want everybody to be able to travel and explore the world. But we also take the environmental effects that come with travel very seriously.

The well-being of the planet is everyone’s responsibility – we’re contributing by showing travelers multiple transportation options and providing transparency on the environmental effects of those options.

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